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Opportunities Fund For Persons with Disabilities


Brad and his truckBrad's Story

I am a native Vancouverite who completed both high school and post secondary education in the Lower Mainland.

More than twenty years ago I developed a career in sales, marketing and distribution. I eventually started my own distribution company in 1987. Unfortunately, my employability was negatively effected by market conditions, age and disability and lately I found myself in need of a new career path in a completely different field.

Via a community services program, I found the Opportunities Fund and applied for training to change my career direction. I benefited from the career guidance I needed at the time as well as the access to training funds to become employable in a new job.

Through my assisted career research, I identified long haul truck driving as my focus. I graduated from the Earning Your Wheels class 1 licensing program that is recognized by the Canadian Trucking Association. I am now employed as a long haul driver.

There is a great sense of accomplishment in achieving this goal with high standards. This experience has resulted in higher self esteem with a much greater sense of purpose and well-being.

The Opportunities Fund is a fantastic support program. People often need a little support and guidance to affect change.